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River Network Toolkit

A powerful tool for research, policymaking and environmental assessment

Network & Data

What does it aim

Connecting and integrating a hierarchically river network database with environmental or landscape data may help to predict and comprehend the effects of threats and stressors.

General-purpose geographic information systems software are limited or useless if one’s objective is to perform calculations considering routes or flow directions of freshwater networks connected to environmental data. The River Network Toolkit software specifically aims to fill this gap.

What does it do

RivTool is a unique software that uses the connection between drainage basins and river segments provided by a river network and integrates it with environmental data.

It gives users the possibility of calculating new information via network analysis.

What can we obtain

This table driven software characterises a river network based on topological features. By adding environmental data it is also possible to perform network analysis and obtain new data.

This software is a powerful tool for researchers, policymakers and for environmental assessment.

Improve your assessments support your decisions

River Network Toolkit

Why use it

This unique and user-friendly software integrates river networks with environmental information,
giving users the possibility to obtaining new data via network analysis.

Why use it

RivTool provides unique features to take full advantage of hierarchical river networks, such as a set of comprehensive specific designed functions for calculations in river network analysis.

This software integrates data of hierarchical river networks with environmental data and enables the user to perform network analysis using this linkage.

With 26 different calculations already implemented and 16 more nearly ready, this software offers numerous possibilities to its users.

Able to deal with very large datasets while maintaining fast computations (e.g., calculating upstream drainage basin for 1.4 million segments takes less than 30 seconds). It is significantly faster than common GIS applications.

In some general-purpose GIS programs, although allowing the user to perform network analysis, the network has to be completely free of topological errors. For instance, having just one segment that is not integrally connected to the contiguous segment introduces artificial disconnectivity. By being table driven RivTool avoids this hurdle.

Initially implemented to be used only with the Catchment Characterisation and Modelling (CCM) — River and Catchment Database, it has now a universal applicability because it allows a user to introduce a custom network.

Besides networks that have segments as the unit of resolution, it is possible to use a network of sub-basins.

The software already provides some ready-to-use libraries with processed environmental data (e.g., climate data) and river network maps.

It is a user-friendly software and powerful tool to be used by those involved in management, research and/or conservation of freshwater ecosystems.


Fast & User-friendly